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Primo embodies progress and innovation through automated and standardised processes in the precast factory. As experts in our field, we continuously strive for further development. We set standards for the future and offer you numerous advantages: Our innovative products give you a decisive competitive edge, counteract the shortage of skilled workers and significantly reduce overall costs. Think about tomorrow today and benefit from future-oriented progress with Primo!

Take the step towards your smart concrete factory 4.0 with us and our excellent product quality.

Primo solutions for the ceiling


Perfect for individual requirements!

Absolutely concrete-tight, mounted in seconds and with numerous possible applications. With the new XL-Series Installation Housings, Primo has developed all-rounders that are perfect for mounting all special installation housings – from luminaires to loudspeakers to other built-in components. The probably greatest advantage for precast factories: The XL 200 and the XL 250 can be attached with a magnet. This saves a lot of time in production and also delivers a high-quality product. The perfect material for your perfect prefabricated slab!

Universal Junction Box

Extended intstallation space in the ceiling!

A classic in the fabrication of precast slabs! The Universal Junction Box can be used as a ceiling junction box and offers the electrician extended installation space. Thanks to the clever mounting technology using a magent, you deliver your clients high-quality products in a minimum of time. See for yourself.

Standardised Special Installation Housings

The time-saving helpers!

The practical Standardised Special Installation Housings facilitate the creation of recesses in prefabricated concrete. Henceforward the time-consuming creation of individual wooden or foam polystyrene recesses belongs to the past. The Ventilation Sleeve is ideal for ventilation recesses, while the Schalfix is recommended for all other areas of application. Both little helpers are mounted within seconds, afterwards the products can simply be recycled and are therefore more sustainable than the classic methods.


Retrofitting in ceiling slabs

Precise planning is crucial in concrete construction, because concrete does not forgive mistakes – until now. With the Uni-Flexx you can add spots, loudspeakers or other built-in devices in ceiling slabs that have already been cast. The required core drilling is much smaller and therefore significantly cheaper than usal. This increases your flexibility on site and saves you a lot of time and money. See for yourself.

Primo solutions for the wall


Concrete boxes for all applications!

With the individually usable Concrete Boxes of the M-Series you not only save a lot of time in the production of your prefabricated slabs and minimize the storage costs in your precast factory, you also deliver your clients the best possible quality of the final product. Thanks to the innovative membrane technology, the boxes M1, M2 and M3 are absolutely concrete-tight and the conduit grip ensures reliable strain relief. See for yourself!

Wall and ceiling transitions

The practical accessory!

This is how to save efficiently on storage costs! The new wall & ceiling transitions can be used for two conduit sizes each. And thanks to the 1-for-2 system, two different sizes can be combined with one another. The innovative grommets are connected inline in just one simple step.



One magnet for all built-in components – brilliant! The Uni-Magnet hafti® is the new solution for optimizing processes and increasing efficiency in the precast factory. It fits the complete Primo concrete range and is also compatible with Nevoga cavity wall anchors or Pfeifer inclined column anchors without an adapter. Magnet technology ensures higher quality in the end product and adds greater value to your precast factory. In addition, the magnets are reusable and therefore are more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

SCHWABI Slip Guard

The highlight for the thermal wall

The SchwaBi Slip Guard ensures that two wall sections no longer move when they are brought together and are securely positioned in relation to each other. This makes complaints a thing of the past. At the same time, you can significantly increase productivity in your factory with the reusable magnet.

Primo advantages in everyday work

“A complaint is the worst thing that can happen to us. With the Primo products we were able to downscale this significantly. The concrete boxes of the M-Series no longer fill up, because with the integrated strain relief and the guaranteed tightness we have a maximum of security.”

Nieky Smiets, Plant Manager at Weber Betonwerk GmbH

“When using the housings, you notice that a lot of thought was put into the development. Thanks to the magnet technology, we no longer have to glue the housings, which is a huge advantage. On the one hand, bothersome residue has not to be removed on the formwork at all. On the other hand, the product itself is of higher quality.”

Maik Ulrich, Operations Manager DEFEBA GmbH & Co. KG

We listen

Each product has its own FAQ list with frequently asked questions. We provide you with the collected work from feedback from our customers and our online community so that there really is no question left unanswered for you. We are always happy to receive open feedback, as this is the only way we can constantly improve and offer our customers what they really want!

Well thought out!

Because with some materials, clean drilling is a challenge even for the most experienced professional. The Primo drilling template is just what you need. Measure and mark the first hole, then insert the drilling template, attach it and align it precisely horizontally and vertically using the integrated spirit level. The holes are drilled at standardized intervals in the perfect size. For multiple holes, simply move the drilling template one hole further, align it and continue drilling in no time at all.

Additional treat

All our thermo sockets have membrane locking teeth so that inaccuracies in the drill hole are compensated for and firmly fixed in the drill hole. With Primo, it’s child’s play!

If you compare the Primo thermo box with the standard flush-mounted box from the DIY store, then this is correct. But who would compare a Matchbox car with a Porsche? Primo stands for high-quality premium quality “Made in Germany”, which brings efficiency, time savings and work simplification to the daily work of professionals in the electrical trade. Thanks to the special foaming technology, Primo thermo boxes are installed airtight and without thermal bridges in a matter of seconds. For example, in contrast to conventional plastering with a bucket of water, stirrer and 25 kg bag of plaster, only one 750 ml can of thermal foam is needed to fix 70 to 100 thermal cans. Foaming itself requires 2 seconds per can compared to 2 – 3 minutes of plastering.

So with Primo:

Invest in good quality, save energy, save time and ensure energy efficiency!

Do you have any questions about our products? We are there for You!