Uni-Flexx front part for XL 150

Built-in devices in visible roof structures

Uni-Flexx front part for XL 150

Uni-Flexx for installation in visible roof structures

A visible roof construction is a visual highlight in any timber construction, but presents the electrician with great challenges. Until now lights, loudspeakers or other built-in devices could only be installed with complicated constructions. The Uni-Flexx now offers the optimal solution for this. In combination with the installation housing XL 150 safe installation under insulation is as easy as it could be. See for yourself.

The innovation for hollow ceilings in action!

Primo XL 150 Uni-Flexx

For the installation of lights, loudspeakers or other built-in devices in visible roof constructions, only a small 74 mm hole in the formwork is required. This can be done by any fitter without additional special tools. Thanks to the mounting brackets, the front part is fixed within seconds and the installation housing XL 150 is attached securely. You now benefit from all advantages that the XL-Series offers. Among other things, conduit entry without tools, absolute concrete-tightness, integrated conduit grip and optimal thermal management. Due to this new solution, the insulation is not damaged during the installation of built-in devices and fire safety is still guaranteed.

XL 150 Uni-Flexx

74 mm bore hole, 68 mm installation opening, 10 – 50 mm installation depth (can be shortend in stages)


Uni-Flexx front part for XL 150

All advantages at a glance!

Simple installation in a few steps

Component parts for the Uni-Flexx

Installation Housing XL 150

Universal Tunnel


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