Solutions for cavity wall installation

Solutions for cavity wall installation

Cable Holder, Multi Box & more

In dry construction all kinds of projects can be realized very quickly and nearly dirt-free. The Primo products for electrical installation in plasterboard walls or wood panelings help to ensure that the construction progress is even more efficient. The innovative materials make well-known and time-consuming work steps obsolete. This results in significant time savings and final products with high quality. This makes the construction site even more fun.

Cable Holder

Practical helper for drywall constructors and electricians

Time-consuming, expensive and bothersome search holes are a thing of the past! The Primo Cable Holder is put on the first plasterboard wall and marks the box to be installed. The mandrel pushes through the insulation and the second plasterboard wall. This makes the position of the box clearly visible. See for yourself!

Multi Box

The all-rounder in drywall construction and renovations

With the Multi Box complex constructions or extension rings to adapt the installation box to the plaster thickness are no longer needed. Thanks to the unique technology, it adapts to any wall thickness. This makes installation absolutely simple and time-saving. See for yourself!


Installation in rafter insulation

A visible roof construction is a visual highlight in any timber construction, but presents the electrician with great challenges. Until now lights, loudspeakers or other built-in devices could only be installed with complicated constructions. The Uni-Flexx now offers the optimal solution for this. In conjunction with the XL 150 installation housing, safe installation under the insulation is child’s play. See for yourself!

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