Red Dot Award, Focus Open & Design Plus

Practical helper and visual highlight

A real eye-catcher and an absolute work facilitator. Electricians have been using these descriptions for the new installation housings since they came onto the market in 2021. This was officially confirmed a short time later. The Primo XL-Series won several awards in 2022: the internationally renowned Red Dot Award, the Focus Open, the official design competition of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the design competition at Light and Building, the world’s largest electrical trade fair.

Functionality, innovation & quality

In addition to design aspects, the key factors for the awards were functionality, innovation and product quality. The XL-Series impressed the judges in all of these areas. “The installation housings of the XL-Series demonstrate a well thought-out concept, both in terms of their intended use and their appearance. They impress in functional terms with their high level of resistance and contribute to an optimization of the installation process thanks to their design,” was the reasoning of the Red Dot jury.

“We are very proud of this award and it is an incredible honor that we can now give our XL-Series the Red Dot seal. This is a big milestone in our company history and a great success for our entire team,” says Thomas Wintersteiger, Managing Director of Primo GmbH, delighted with the award at one of the world’s largest design competitions. Over 20,000 entries were submitted in 2022 and the award is internationally recognized as a highly respected seal of outstanding design and product quality

High flexibility and great time savings

The 2022 retreaded installation housings are suitable for the installation of lights, loudspeakers or other built-in devices in concrete construction. Thanks to the modern membrane technology, installation is quick and easy. The entries can be opened with a cutter knife – no special tools neccessary. The membrane then completely envelops the conduit, guaranteeing absolute concrete-tightness. In addition, the integrated conduit grip ensures secure strain relief. The electrician is therefore spared the inconvenience of reworking after concreting.

“The system is very innovative. It saves us a significant amount of time. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is one of the most important factors,” explains Walter Kunz, Managing Director of iTECH GmbH, who has already put the XL-Series to the test in several projects.

Well thought out right down to the smallest detail

Another point that convinced both the award juries and the experts in the construction industry is the high level of flexibility that the Primo installation housings offer. Front parts are available in numerous different sizes and can be selected individually depending on the area of application. Whether round, square or, thanks to the mineral fiber plates, completely without specifications: This makes it possible to fulfill every customer’s wish easily.

It’s not the only concern that the electrician is relieved of, as the excellent design of the installation housing noticeably makes work processes less arduous. For example, the cover of the XL-Series can be opened before concreting, allowing conduits and cables to be pulled in. Thanks to the membrane sealing lip, everything remains concrete-tight. “This system is well thought out right down to the smallest detail and makes work a lot easier,” is the summary of practical user Kunz.


Award-Winner XL-Series

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