Saving time

Despite additional effort

A construction area covering eight and a half football fields, power cables that extend from Munich to Stuttgart and us with our partner ETech Elektrotechnik in the midst of it all!

Here is a small excerpt from the user report:

“The requirements for electrical installations in compliance with current regulations in modern residential construction have increased significantly over the years. As a result, the installations have become considerably more complex. Also, there are special features that builders, tenants or owners want for comfort and safety reasons, e.g. the control of electrical components with smart home systems. In the Stadtgärten (City Gardens) in Frankfurt, between 15% and 20% of the owners connect their lighting, heating and air conditioning, blinds or door communication to a smart home installation via free@home by Busch-Jaeger. The current requirements for preventive structural fire protection and/or functional maintenance also mean increased expenditure due to intensive protective measures. This includes the installation of fire-resistant cable boxes as cable and conduit bulkheads as well as the installation of safety lighting and radio systems. For the trades, this is a double-edged sword:: because…”

Read more in the July issue of Elektropraktiker!